Sail To Prevail

Re-established by Paul Callahan in 1996, Sail To Prevail is a registered USA 501(c)(3) charity that originally focused on alternative or eastern medical therapies, combining these modalities with traditional American medical therapies.  The original goal was to have each individual who suffered from paralysis be able to walk again or, at a minimum, reach their maximum human potential.  As alternative medicines became mainstream, Mr. Callahan narrowed the focus of the organization to one methodology by having children and adults overcome any adversity through the sport of sailing to accomplish this goal.

After initiating this sailing program component of the organization in the summer of 1997 with eight paralyzed individuals, Sail To Prevail has now grown to serve over 1500 individuals annually, with nine different categories of disabilities including pediatric cancer and children on the broad spectrum of autism.

While based in Newport, Rhode Island, for the past two decades, Sail To Prevail has also pioneered a decade-long program in Nantucket, Massachusetts, as well as a five-year collaboration with the Harvard University Varsity Sailing Team.

Currently, Mr. Callahan is leading both internal and external initiatives with a wide-reaching span of some of the most prestigious institutions and brilliant minds for the purpose of sharing paradigms, practices and outcomes to increase upon the success of already having served more than 21,000 individuals with disabilities.  Mr. Callahan has personally raised more than $20 million to expedite this mission.

To see Sail To Prevail ‘s current ongoing operation, please visit the Sail To Prevail website.


Sail to Prevail party, Jetties Beach at Sandbar Restaurant, Nant