Sailing Accomplishments and Leadership

  • New York Yacht Club, “Yachtsman of the Year” 2012
  • First-ever disabled person to skipper an America’s Cup 12-metre boat, “Easterner” at the 2009 12-metre World Championship
  • Seahorse International Sailing magazine Hall of Fame
  • First disabled person to skipper to finish 1st in an able-bodied regatta in the USA, Sailing World/NOOD Regatta, 2009
  • U.S.A. Sailing Paralympic Sailing Team (Skipper), 2000 (Sydney, Australia)  and 2012 (London/Weymouth, England)

Current Leadership

  • Chief Executive Officer and serves on the Board of Directors of Sail To Prevail
  • Member of United States Olympic Sailing Committee
  • Member of the Membership Committee and Sailing Committee of the New York Yacht Club
  • Serves on the Executive Board of Directors of the U.S. Sailing Center, Miami
  • Serves as Lead Independent Director of the Board of Trustees for Immaculata La Salle High School, Miami, Florida
  • Serves as an Investment Advisor with Sumnicht & Associates, LLC, Appleton, Wisconsin

Previous Sailing and Leadership

  • Board of Trustees of the New York Yacht Club
  • President of the United States Optimist Dinghy Association
  • Executive Board of U.S. Sailing, the national governing body of sailing in the USA
  • Top 100 Most Prominent Irish Americans in the USA
  • Director with Paris Capital Partners, Ltd., and Paris Capital Holdings, Ltd., United Kingdom, Cayman Islands, and the USA
Paul, wife and twin boys
Paul, wife and twin boys